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White Cashmere Collection 2015
Gorgeous gowns by Canada's top bridal designers created using bathroom tissue!
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Truvelle 2016 Wedding Dresses
See the newest collection of gowns from this Vancouver-based designer.
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Punk Rock Bride 2013: for the Bride with unique style

We’ve been checking out all the gowns revealed at Bridal Market last week and picking a few of our favorites that stood out from the crowd.

One particular designer is Punk Rock Bride from designer Stephanie Ward. 

Punk Rock Bride was created for the bride who is looking for a less traditional, more fashion-forward wedding dress. We take a unique approach to design by incorporating non-traditional fabrics and mixing multiple layers to add texture and depth to every design. We take care to maintain very simple, classic silhouettes to flatter every figure, and focus on the details, giving brides a comfortable, unique option for their wedding day.

The company was founded in 2006 by designer Stephanie Ward. Stephanie graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), with a degree in Apparel Design. After working in womens wear for several years in New England, a close friend asked her to design her wedding dress, inspiring the launch of the first collection. Since then, there have been six collections, including Emma in 2011 - a more budget friendly online option for brides.  All Punk Rock Bride dresses are made in the U.S.

Here are a few photos of the 2013 designs.  Check out all the collections at

Chloe - a bell-shaped gown made of a silk faille, includes a Swarovski pearl beaded bodice trim and waistline detail.

Amy - composed of a silk faille with a crinkle silk chiffon overlay, features a beaded bodice with Swarovski pearls and pleated detail. Belt is available in ivory, pink, or black.

Lindsay - composed of a silk faille, with a beaded criss-cross detail, tucked waistline, and side seam pockets.

Morgan - composed of a silk zibeline, with a silk and wool pique overlay detail, beaded waistline, and adjustable spaghetti straps.

Sasha - composed of a heavy silk taffeta, with a full gathered tiered skirt and Swarovski pearl beading. Separate pearl belt on satin.

For more photos, be sure to check out

MUST SEE: Say Yes to the Cure: Lori's Fight {Lori Allen of SYTTD Atlanta Shares her Fight Against Breast Cancer}

 Over the past 32 years, Lori Allen has seen her fair share of brides. As owner of Bridals by Lori in Atlanta and each week on TLC’s SAY YES TO THE DRESS: ATLANTA (, she’s helped and supported thousands of brides as they find their dream dresses for the biggest day of their lives.  

So many stories have been told on the runway of Lori’s shop, but this time around, Lori will tell her own. 

On April 13th, 2012, Lori received news that would change her life forever as her doctor confirmed she had breast cancer. On Friday, October 26 at 10pm ET/PT, TLC will air the one-hour special SAY YES TO THE CURE: LORI’S FIGHT, a deeply personal chronicle of Lori’s struggle, fight and resolve to beat breast cancer. TLC follows Lori on her journey as she leaves the bridal shop she built, into surgery, and through recovery.  

How will the shop carry on without the heart and soul of Bridals by Lori?  Monte, Robin, Flo, and the rest of the staff pull together to keep the shop running, and help brides in her absence. Throughout this hour, viewers will also meet bride DeLese Range from Carollton, Texas, who is looking for a wedding dress to renew her vows.  DeLese has been fighting various cancers for nearly 23 of the 25 years she’s been married.  In this incredibly heartwarming story of overcoming adversity, the Bridals by Lori team finds the strength to help DeLese and her family through one of the most emotional appointments they’ve ever had, as they wait patiently for Lori’s return.

“Naturally I was devastated when I found out that I had breast cancer,” said Lori Allen. “Wanting to turn something very negative into something positive - I decided to share my journey with my TLC family and others, in hopes that I can raise breast cancer awareness and perhaps help other women facing breast cancer be less afraid. Breast cancer is a personal journey, and throughout this process some days were easier than others, but I survived with faith, family and friends.”

“Anyone who has met Lori or watched her programs is struck by her spirit, warmth and humor, states Amy Winter, GM of TLC. “Lori is a beloved member of our TLC family and our hearts have been with her throughout this difficult journey. She is a remarkable woman, who has handled this with dignity, grace and signature spunk since day one of her diagnosis. This special is about spreading awareness to our viewers, but most importantly it’s about sharing Lori’s story of strength, hope, and perseverance.”

Watch a Sneak Peek below:




Featured Article: Trash The Dress (TTD)
Brides and grooms want awesome imagery from their wedding, period. They want the unscripted moments captured, but they also want a photographer that can get very creative during a portrait session. That?s why couples everywhere are donning their wedding finery and not only descending into caves, but plunging into breakers, walking through abandoned amusement parks, wandering through cornfields, wading into forest streams and chasing other wild pursuits in an increasingly popular ritual and edgy extension of wedding photojournalism called Trash the Dress (TTD).

Kids Dressing Up For The Wedding
Many brides put significant consideration and energy into determining the outfit scheme for their wedding party. The children who are participating in the ceremony are usually no different.

Getting Your Affairs In Order
What if through illness, accident, family crisis or other situation you are unexpectedly unable to address your commitments?

{Get Ready for the Gown} Equipment you need for a great home gym

Our Get Ready for the Gown section in WED will help you get in shape and healthy for your wedding day and beyond.  Our fitness and nutrition experts will provide you with a plan to get you gown ready!  In the most recent edition,  Personal Trainer Chante Pemberton suggests great equipment to use at home for your workout.


Working out doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

You are busy, so I have shown you ways to get quick workouts. Now, I want to share how you can make a small investment in equipment and use your home environment to be an inexpensive gym.

Many brides are fortunate to have their family pay for the wedding, but in many cases couples are taking on the expense.  If this is you, here are some tips and ideas on creating your own home gym.

If you are really cutting corners, things like milk jugs with sand in them can create great hand weights.  Dumbbells can be purchased inexpensively at some of my favorite stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. 

CLICK HERE for the full article AND latest fitness video from our trainer Chante.

Work Outs Here, There or Anywhere {Get Ready for the Gown}

Our Get Ready for the Gown section in each issue of WED will help you get in shape and healthy for your wedding day and beyond.  Our fitness and nutrition experts will provide you with a plan to get you gown ready!

In our most recent issue of WED, Trainer Chante Pemberton shares her latest video workout and tips for fitting in that crucial fitness routine to help you Get Ready for the Gown.  Be sure to consult a doctor before starting any kind of exercise routine.

Work Outs Here, There or Anywhere…

Working out to Get Ready for the Gown while taking care of your seemingly never-ending wedding to- do list tasks can be daunting. So instead of stressing over how you’re going to fit in your workouts, try my simple plan of action which is based on these two important principles:

1. Plan your day around your workout. Treat exercise like an appointment on your calendar. If you work a 9 to 5 job, then fill an empty slot either before or after work. If you spend your day running from appointment to appointment, then find a hole in your day and “book” your exercise. It doesn’t have to be more complex than this.

2. Exercising doesn’t have to be a 2 hour event to be effective. There are so many great moves you can fit in at the gym, on your lunch break or even at home. If you make the commitment to work out consistently, even for a few minutes at a time, you will stay on track for your big day.


Check out Chante’s latest video.  Be sure to consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine. 


Cleaning Up Your Food Act-Yet Again? by Linda Shapiro the Meal Planning Maven

Our Get Ready for the Gown section in each issue of WED will help you get in shape and healthy for your wedding day and beyond.  Our fitness and nutrition experts will provide you with a plan to get you gown ready!


Cleaning Up Your Food Act-Yet Again? by Linda Shapiro the Meal Planning Maven

Finally, warmer weather is coming! Many of you have endured a long cold winter and are probably more than ready to peel off some of those layers! For those that have made yet another list of New Year’s resolutions, how many have you kept? If one of those resolutions was to make a commitment to clean up your food act, how are you doing? Did you start out like gangbusters, only to fall prey to too many doughnuts at the office for breakfast, too many trips through the fast food lane for lunch and one too many happy hours after work with your friends?  And how many of you are still looking in the mirror with despair wondering if you’ll ever lose that tummy before your next bridal gown fitting?

To be honest, Meal Planning Maven’s spin on New Year’s diet resolutions is this:

Don’t make them, cuz’ ten to one you’ll break them!

Let MPM share a little of her wisdom here… It’s what you do most days of the year that matters most. So instead of declaring on every January 1st an all-out war against going out to lunch, never having a bite of birthday cake with your office mates or swearing off margaritas for the rest of your life, why not take MPM’s more practical lifestyle approach? Ya gotta admit, it’s a lot more fun!


Marriage and Fitness: a Partnership to Last a Lifetime {Get Ready for the Gown}

The new issue of WED this live!!  Every edition includes our “Get Ready for the Gown” fitness section with trainer Chante Pemberton. Read an excerpt below and read the full article in the new edition of WED.

Marriage and Fitness: a Partnership to Last a Lifetime

In my experience, the partnership of marriage is a work in progress. Being married for thirteen years, made me realize just how much my husband and I have grown and strengthened our relationship which gave me the inspiration for this article.  This thought came to me as we sat in church together, thinking about just how far we have come. Working on our core issues over the years gave us the opportunity to strengthen our understanding of who each other is by allowing us to communicate and continue to build a strong and healthy life together.

You’re getting ready to build a life with your future husband, forming a wonderful partnership that will continue to grow and strengthen as the years go by.   Working out together is a great way to achieve and maintain the bodies you want while building on the foundation you’ve already begun to create. Working out as a team is also a fabulous way to spend more time with each other while having fun.

Let’s see how we can weave these components into these simple exercises …

View the full article with exercise descriptions HERE along with the video {in WED the Magazine}

From WED: The Meal Planning Maven helps you Get Ready for the Gown

Our Get Ready for the Gown section looks at both fitness and nutrition. Meal Planning Maven Linda Shapiro gives you direction for getting healthy and ready for your gown.  See an excerpt from her article in our inaugural issue of WED below or read the full article in WED HERE.

Hi, I’m Linda Shapiro, your Personal Meal Planning Maven….

Hmmmm….you might say- what is this about personal meal planning? I’m already trying to juggle work while planning a wedding, do I really need to worry about what to eat too?

Well…here’s the scoop: you already know you want to feel fabulous in your gown on your special day….and what about “from this day forward?” Even if you’re a work out junkie, you may not be looking your very best if your eating and cooking habits need a makeover! As a Personal Meal Planner, I can help you feel beautiful on your wedding day, as well as also show you how weaving simple planning, shopping and cooking tricks into your daily routine can help you feel wonderful year after year.

 READ the full article HERE

From WED: Get Ready for the Gown!

In every issue of WED, we feature an great fitness and nutrition section called “Get Ready for the Gown.”  In our inaugural issue, trainer Chante Pemberton shared her story, inspiration and great pushups to get your arms ready for your gown. 

See an exerpt and video below:

I Can Motivate Because I Can Relate.

On your wedding day and “from this day forward” you can have success in your health and fitness.  I am here to help you to succeed in getting ready for the gown and create a “toolbox” that helps you stay on track after your wedding day.  With the built in motivation of your wedding day, my knowledge and passion, we are sure to succeed!

In November of 1987, I was thirty pounds overweight and engaged to be married with a wedding date set for August 8, 1988.   I started working with a trainer and was guided on how to change my eating habits and train with a combination of weight training and cardiovascular training.  I am happy to say that by my wedding day, I had lost the thirty pounds and gained the priceless knowledge that I now am so blessed to share with you.  I can motivate because I can relate.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and look forward to helping you get in shape, gain understanding and knowledge of how important it is to stay physically active.  With the “Get Ready For The Gown” FIT Tips you will have all the energy you need to keep up with your busy schedule and will be able to manage the stress with grace and dignity.  No Bridezillas Allowed!  A happy, healthier you is one of the best wedding gifts you can give yourself and your future husband. 

This is one of the most important times in your life.  It’s time to get totally committed to creating a plan of action that will work “from this day forward.”  So let’s get started!

Getting Your Arms Ready for Your Strapless Gown

One of the most popular wedding gown designs is the strapless gown.  We all want nice shoulders and toned arms for our strapless gown and our honeymoon wardrobe!  A strong upper body is essential to all of us to get through life upright and functional.  The exercise that anyone can do, just about anywhere, is a pushup.  “I can’t do a pushup!” is what I hear over and over again when I first tell my clients we are going to pushups.  My clients, whose ages range from 18-72yrs old, all do pushups!  There are different ways to modify a push up so that you can build enough strength to eventually do a push up on your toes.  Here are some tips on how to do a modified pushup and some fun ways to get those pushups in just about anywhere.

Read the full article and Get Ready for the Gown Section HERE.  View the Get Ready for the Gown fitness tips (PLEASE NOTE: consult with a doctor before starting any fitness regime):


Naples Brides: Get Ready for the Gown with Paradise Fitness

Paradise Fitness has teamed up with WED to create a fitness program tailored to brides to help them get in shape for their wedding.  Take a look at the information below and contact Chante Pemberton with questions or to register:, 239-272-8578

We're looking for a few brides who want to shape up!

Are you Getting Ready for YOUR Gown?  Need some help?

We’re looking for a few brides located in Southwest Florida to work with our trainer and personal meal planning coach to get in shape for their wedding (and/or honeymoon) and who will let us track and publish your progress in our magazine and on this blog.

Interested?  Email us at:

Attention Miami Brides: Don't miss Garter Talk at Blo Midtown, June 6

Blo digs wedding belles. Blo midtown, Weddings Illustrated and Twenty7events have joined forces to expose brides-to-be and their maids to the finest knot-tying services in Miami.

On Wednesday, June 6th from 7pm to 9pm, Blo midtown will host complimentary beauty services and consultations as well as a preview of the season’s must-have wedding…everything from blo outs and nails to gowns, jewels and wedding planners, this all-about-wedding workshop will help brides get fab in a flash.

Blo midtown

3301 North East 1st Avenue, suite 102

Miami, FL


Pink drinks, bite-size nibbles, cotton candy and cupcakes included.  Tickets are $10, space is limited.  Get your Tickets HERE.


{Attention Palm Beach Brides} Don't miss the Simply Elegant bridal show Tuesday, March 20 at 6 p.m.
Simply Elegant Bridal Show and NAWP of the Palm Beaches

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
6:00pm - 9:00pm

4431 PGA Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Come meet some of Palm Beach County’s top vendors who are part of an amazing organization called National Association of Wedding Professional. While doing so, check out the beautiful Doubletree property, sip on cocktails and taste some delicious food. First 200 brides get a one of a kind bag with lots of goodies. During the fashion show there will be chances to win prizes to help plan your special day. Preregister today to save time and money at the door, plus get in 30 minutes before everyone else. This is a show you won’t want to miss! Doors open to preregistered brides at 6:00pm, non registered brides 6:30pm and ends at 9pm

co-sponsored by National Association of Wedding Professionals Palm Beach



Attention Southwest Florida Brides: Don't miss this Bridal Showcase March 25

The Villages at Country Creek Bridal Showcase

Celebrate your Engagement with a toast of champagne, hors d’oeuvres, live music and fabulous prizes!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


21131 Country Creek Dr

Estero , Fl , 33928

Join an Elite group of Wedding Professionals featuring every facet of your unique wedding in one location.  Variety of styles and prices to suit every taste and budget.

Featuring Glamorous Gowns, Accesories, Formal Wear , DJ’s,  Event Planners, Photogrophers, Breathtaking floral designs and Auto Concierge Service.

{FREE} Admission for bride & one guest


You do not want to miss this event. Space is limited. please RSVP to:

Debbie Helman, 239- 947-4488,

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