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Why hire a make-up artist?
By Kelly Hastman of Kelly Hastman Design

Many brides-to-be are concerned about looking like a princess or movie star for their weddings. They spend thousands of dollars on gowns, jewelry, hairstyles, shoes and flowers but some don’t even think about having their make-up done professionally. If you take away the very important details of your wedding day: the dress, the flowers, the veil, the shoes what is the most important part of the photo? Your face, and when you look back on your pictures 20 years from now, you will notice how happy, young , glowing and beautiful your face looks.

Most women know how to apply make-up on themselves everyday to go to work, or even to go out in the evening. But how many women are actually applying the make-up correctly?
Make-up application for weddings and photography is very different than everyday application. This is where a professional make-up artist is needed to ensure that the bride receives a flawless, picture-perfect face for her wedding day.
Some questions that brides have are: “What colours will suit me?”, “How do I apply foundation?”, “How much make-up do I really need?”.

A professional make-up artist will answer all of these questions and even give you answers to questions that you might not have even thought of.

The Professional make-up artist vs. the amateur:

Some brides choose to have their make-up done by friends that enjoy applying make-up. The difference is that a pro will have extensive knowledge in product, application, colour theory, skincare, proper hygiene techniques, photography make-up, and current make-up trends. When hiring a pro, ask a lot of questions: Where they trained, how many years experience they have, what types of projects they have worked on, what brands of make-up they have in their kit and if they have a portfolio for you to see.
A good make-up artist will set up a consultation with the bride and provide a trial. During the trial they will determine the bride’s skin type, make-up preference (dramatic, natural, etc) and overall expectations of the make-up artist. Brides sometimes find pictures in magazines that they like and the pro can replicate the look on the bride.


Most brides like to look for the best rate they can find. When a bride shops around for their dress, hairstylist, venue, caterer, or decorator, they usually choose what the vendor/ store has to offer in experience, knowledge, creativity, and most importantly, reputation. This should also apply when choosing a make-up artist. When contacting different make-up artists, ask for their rates and what they provide. Reputable make-up artist should all be in the same price range, give or take a few dollars.

Comfort, convenience and reliability

Picture this: It is the morning of your wedding and you are nervous, excited, and want to take in each and every experience of your wedding day. As the bride, many of the details of your wedding are floating through your mind: “Will the florist have my flowers for me on time?”, “Will it rain?”, “Will the ceremony be timed perfectly?”. After all, this is the most important day of your life and you want everything to run smoothly. Having an experienced make-up artist come to your home and pamper you will help you to relax and enjoy the complete bridal experience. After all, you are the bride! All eyes are on you and it is your day to shine and feel like a movie star!

Kelly Hastman is a Winnipeg-based make-up artist. She trained in Montreal and has over 10 years experience in the make-up industry.



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