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Don't Overlook the Décor
Veronica Thomas,
Dreamcatchers Custom Wedding Decorating

He’s finally popped the question and now the race is on to book the basics; the ceremony site, the photographer, the caterer, the music, and the reception venue. However, one of the most important aspects of the big day is often the one that brides-to-be tend to think of last - the wedding décor.

Brides-to-be often come in two varieties. First there are the brides that know exactly what they want down to the very last detail because they have dreamed of their wedding day since they were little girls. These brides tend to book a year in advance, which is wise as decorators are becoming very popular because of the convenience they provide. Then there are those who have absolutely no idea where to start which is why they are seeking the advice of a professional, and usually in a panic calling last minute to book. Whichever the type, both can definitely benefit from the expertise of a professional decorator.

One of the most memorable features of the wedding ceremony and reception, obviously other than the happy couple, is the romantic ambience that is created for the couple and their guests to enjoy. It is often a topic of discussion at the wedding, and if executed properly, should be for a long time afterward as well. Wedding décor should reflect the couple’s individual style and personality. A professional wedding decorator will set up a consultation appointment to discuss any ideas or themes that you may have in mind, and will offer suggestions to ensure that the décor is sophisticated and unique to the couple.

Handling the Unknown

Depending on the reception venue that is chosen, wedding decorators will suggest that you first find out if outside decorators are permitted, and then what is provided by the venue. Some Winnipeg hotel venues will have wedding specialists on staff that will offer basic packages that may include such things as linens, glassware, and some sort of simple centerpiece. However, most brides want to personalize their décor and seek the assistance of a decorator to add the perfect finishing touches.

Hall venues, on the other hand, provide little else than the room itself, and floor to ceiling decorations will be required. A professional wedding decorator will provide a convenient one stop shop that can include backdrops, head tables, entrances, guest registrar tables, perimeter and ceiling decorations, and guest table centerpieces and accents. Even more convenient is the fact that all of the décor is supplied from one location and therefore the newlyweds won’t have to spend their honeymoon returning rentals to many separate locations.


Probably the number one reason that couples choose to hire a professional decorator is convenience. Many people do not realize just how time consuming decorating a venue can be. In reality, turning a room can take anywhere from two to fourteen hours depending on the size of the room and how extravagant the décor details. To further add to the stress, some venues may have time constraints due to other bookings in the same room the same day. In addition to offering complete set up packages, wedding decorators can provide take down packages as well. This service is most appreciated by the parents of the couple and members of the wedding party who would otherwise be tearing down decorations at 1:00 am in their finest attire.

Weddings are a time to laugh, celebrate, and share with friends and family. With the convenient assistance of a professional wedding decorator’s design expertise couples are guaranteed a stress free experience that will allow them to focus on more important things-the guests, the day, and each other.



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